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Seminar on Solar Photo Voltaic Energy Conversion System

SNF Power Conversion Solutions is MSME registered company under the mentorship of Technology Business Incubator, KIET (TBI-KIET). The company is working in research and development of energy efficient solutions for Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plants, Consumer electronics products, residential, commercial and industrial utility appliances and luminaries.

The company provides its distinguished professional services in following sectors:

Energy audit of premises, Performance analysis of the running machines and processes, systematic analysis of energy consumption patterns, energy conservation solutions with payback period, and mentoring of energy management activities throughout the year.
2.    SOLAR PHOTO VOLTAIC POWER PLANT DESIGN AND INSTALLATION: Feasibility analysis of SPV Power Plant, custom and tailor made designs for SPV power plant, Installation and maintenance of SPV power plant.
Performance analysis of the processes and machines, performance analysis of consumer and industrial electronics products, Electrical testing and performance analysis of electrical distribution and installation systems, Performance analysis of industrial protection systems.
Market survey services, preparation of proposals for research, start-ups, funding, Techno- economic evaluation and assessment of developed products, product development.
Design, fabrication and installation of experimental set-up for research in engineering and technology, analysis and report writing services, skill development training services.


Time duration: 4 Hrs.
Objective: To develop awareness for Solar Photo Voltaic Energy Conversion Technology among the participants and to share opportunities of research, entrepreneurship and employment in this field.


Introduction and parameters of SPV modules, batteries, charge controllers, inverters and PCUs and structures. (1 Hr. 30 min)


Research related to SPV modules, Power Electronics and Control Systems involved, intelligent control techniques and optimization techniques for PVECS. (1 Hr.)


Introduction to the opportunities in design sector, software used in PVECS design, manufacturing and production sector, installation and maintenance sector, skill sets required for the employment in these sectors ( 30 Min)


Business opportunities in EPC, Power Converter Products and controllers, technical and soft skills required. (1 Hr.)

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